Nicknames for Tall People

Being tall is a blessing!

Being tall is what people dream of because the majority found in communities is either of standard height or smaller than the normal. Only a few percent of people are there in the population or communities who are much taller than the normal height. They are so far away that others have to face up in order to talk or see them. It’s quite more than enjoying a funny moment. 

Being too heighted often brings you a lot of moments where people connect everything related to your daily routine with your height. They make situations possible for you that match your height. Like being in a friend circle if one is tall and if you are going to attend your class, your friends definitely will make fun of you if you lower yourself in order to enter the class because the door is somehow smaller than your height.

Here in this article we are going to discuss the most used nicknames for tall people. Tall people are usually not known by their given names but are actually known by their nicknames which are entirely based upon their height.

Well there should not be shame or any sort of guilt for people who are too tall because not everyone is made similarly. There is good luck for you in every phase you go through. So, tall people should enjoy the moments instead of fearing about their tallness.

So let’s have a look at nicknames used in daily life to address tall people whom you find that don’t belong to your small world.

Nicknames for Tall People


When tall people are called by this nickname, it’s obvious that it surely is related to your physical appearance. Everest is the highest mountain in terms of height so is the name given to tall people in resemblance to height


It’s the funniest nickname one can give to tall people. Bigfoot sounds amazing and funny, it adds joy to your environment when having a friend circle. To be very clear friends are the personalities whom we can’t address so simply, there must Be nicknames like this to make them realize they have friends.


Beanpoles enjoy the sunset being long and thin. Same is what tall people actually do or are funnier than that. 

Burj Khalifa

Burj khalifa is what we all are very well known to. It’s a very obvious nickname one can use for a tall person. Burj khalifa is known for its height. It’s the most heighted tower in Dubai, so the name can be used to annoy your friends.


Reading this nickname can make you directly think of your tall friends. It’s very clear from this nickname what actually is targeted. Being too tall that you actually touch the roof. Wow, that sounds so cool.

Gentle Giant

Isn’t it amazing to make fun of your tall friend while you are also appreciating him for his gentleness? It’s truly cool. Using this nickname even sounds pure to the one who is called. It’s because he is not being judged physically because of height but also because of his inner gentleness.


Here it is. It’s the most direct way to describe a tall person. Alpine, known because of its height, perfectly matches a tall person’s personality. Else it also sounds creative and visionary.

Big Bear

Just give this nickname a thought. Doesn’t it sound too cool? It can be used to address someone who is not only tall but also width like a bear or has an appearance like a bear. being bulky and tall.

Big Bird

Doesn’t it sound like a character from animated movies? Yes of course, it’s perfect to be used. Not only does it relate physically, it can also be related to habits as well.

Jolly Green Giant

Here in this nickname it’s very clear what a person wants to call you. He is not only making fun of you by calling it but also is targeting your cheerfulness. that’s actually a name only a friend can think of about his tall partner.


Almost everyone who once reads this name can guess where it comes from. It’s The most famous name from the most popular book. It’s best to call a tall friend instead of using his exact boring name.


Redwoods are trees mostly known because of their appearance. People specially make tours in order to see them. It means they gain attention being in a population of so many people. Thus it’s perfect for a tall person as he also gains the same attention from the crowd. He is visible to everyone and doesn’t need to make an effort to attract others.


Who is not familiar with this animal? It’s even named because of its neck that’s too high. Calling a friend a giraffe is truly admirable. Just consider how calm these animals are. Is your friend such a cool tall personality as well?

Cloud Kidnapper

I think it’s what every child has watched interestingly. Yes, it’s from Jack and the beanstalk. Though it’s for someone who is over smart and erudite but it is comical.


It’s actually an adjective mostly used for people who are too tall and skinny as well. So, if you have any such person in your circle, do use this name. It will be too interesting

Long Limbed

It’s actually too funny if you just consider it. It’s directly related to one who is not only highlighted but as well has long limbs.


It’s too classy. If your friend walks covering a huge distance with his long steps just because he is tall and doesn’t care about you because you take small steps, then just use this nickname. It’s perfect for such situations. Let your friend realize how easily he is making use of his tallness.


Skyscrapers are those who can easily view those highly constructed buildings that can be viewed so easily by people of normal heights. If you are having any such friend just give him this nickname because he is the only one who can enjoy things at height much more easily as compared to you. It’s not at all something that will hurt him.


A huge British steamship that was luxurious but got submerged. It’s too popular among all generations. Titanic can be a nickname for your friend who doesn’t fit in a specific place just because he is too tall.


Here we have discussed a lot of nicknames that can be used for tall people. No doubt having a nickname for your friend is more than anything. You can check these nicknames and can choose the one that’s suitable for your friend. Select the one that’s perfect and matches your friend’s personality.

We have here provided this article to add joy to your daily routine lives by availing you with these nicknames for your friends or closed ones.