What is the Chroma Key/ Green Screen?

Introduction to Chroma Key

Chroma key is basically a visual effect technique. It’s not only used widely but is demanded as well. The technique isn’t only best in terms of quality but is also a time manager as well.

The way the chroma key is designed is to be appreciated. Not only is this technique applicable at particular media sites but now is applicable for home based picturization as well. The method to access this technique is also interesting but you need to be concentrated. While shooting the background used is kept dark in colour. The subject is shooted while being placed in front of this dark background. Afterwards, the background in dark is replaced when shooted piece is further processed for post production. Either the dark background is replaced with the light one or a transparency. Doing this will allow the creator to then fit the subject in any new background of his choice.

The other perspective of chroma key is also there as well.a number of different steps can be taken while using chroma key so that you can create content of your will.using chroma keys you even can change the filmed colour, or you can replace them by a new one.also you can edit your filmed section by adding content such as graphics, animations, maps etc. you can also attach part of some other video to your filmed section.

Commonly used Chroma Keys

Though many colours are there, so are the chroma keys, but the successively used chroma keys are only the two with colour in blue and green.

Why only These Two Colour Chroma Keys?

The question is quite valid that why using chroma keys why only the one with green or blue colour is preferred? So, the answer is that blue and green colours are only the two colours with exception that shows contrast to human skin. Being opposite to the colour of human skin, they work efficiently.

Purpose of Chroma Key

Using the Chroma key is something more than opening to an unknown world of mystery.

Let us help you know more about it.

As mentioned above you have the accessibility to combine different video clips and create a new one of your interest. Basically, this chroma key functions to replace all sorts of pixels used in the content with either green or blue keys. This technique enables the film casters to put the actors in unreal situations. Such situations that you usually see in Hollywood productions. All those outer space creations, horror world scenes, imaginative captures are made possible using this technique.

For example,

If you are creating something imaginative and you want to make your character invisible, then dress your character in green colour. Then make use of the chroma key. The key will remove the green colour of your character dress. Then it will seem as if you have placed an invisible character in your own created world.

 While shooting and preparing something in edited form, the key can be used to remove only a single colour, and then replace it with transparent form. While if you create something using digital age techniques, you can discover more exciting features. Alpha or transparent channels can be replaced if you use updated softwares to remove unneeded background.

Choosing Colour for Chroma Key

Remember to use opposite colours. Like if your content is in green colour, use the opposite blue colour. Remember that the chroma key in green will make everything invisible in your shot which is in blue. Also consider other colours interference as well.

Please note that effects of colour are different. Though green and blue are most preferred, still green is more effective. Due to this great effectiveness, the contamination added to your shot is also increased. The more the effect of the colour key is, the more it will contaminate your content being created.

Keep Your Subject at Distance from Background

While using chroma keys remember to keep your subject at a proper distance from the background. Doing so will protect your subject from getting interfered with by lights casted by the background. Keeping a distance will also reduce the blue or green colour spill from background on to your subject. If your subject has such reflected light on it, then using a chroma key will not only make your background invisible but will also make your subject’s parts invisible as well.


Chroma key is in true sense a beneficial tool. No doubt using it requires skills. Once you know it clearly and all your concepts regarding its use and functions are clear, then nothing can stop you from making alot content for your own productions. 

Chroma key enables its users with a number of different techniques. Using techniques can enable you to create content that’s more unique and captivating. You can edit content and add all unreal situations you want to add in order to make it according to your criteria.