How to delete a page word by word? 

Introduction to Microsoft word

Ms word is a software most frequently used for content creation like articles, paragraphs or others as well. Ms word is something that truly has added ease to our lives. We can create and manage our content any time according to our requirements. A number of tools offered by ms word help us make as many amendments in our content as we want.

It’s easy to use and handle everything on Microsoft word. Ms word though offers every possibility feature but the appreciating thing is it is user friendly. Despite having so much it does not confuse the user. 

Creative Features

The number of the characteristics Ms word adds to your writings are not at all comparable to any other platform .MS word excels in properties required for top class content creation that are free of any grammatical or any other errors. Ms word enables users to widen their vocabulary by getting help from the available can make sure while writing if his content is going fine or not, because in any case of error, you will get it highlighted on your screen. So, it’s truly beneficial to create content on word when such features are available for free. Every single thing related to the content being created is dealt by ms word. You just need to add what’s the best. Word even keeps a check that you might not use repetitive words or phrases in your content. Instead of repeating the same words you get options to use a substitute in place of that phrase.

Distinctive Features

Microsoft Word is unique in its own functions. Despite performing all the functions mentioned above, it still has countless other ways to help out its users with content creation. It helps in customization of content in different forms and even its best for creating content consisting of large short Microsoft has no limit to advanced content creation.

History of Microsoft Word

Here are the details on how Microsoft Word came into being. Back in history you will find out that every valuable thing that’s making progress at present was developed by mutual effort of two people or two friends. Especially those platforms related to media and technology have the same story of developers. Microsoft word popularly known by everyone at present was launched by cooperation of Richard Brodie and Charles was engineer and the other was the developer. Together they put their efforts and results emerged in the establishment of Ms word in word was named later when it came into acknowledgement but before that at start multi tool word was its first name. Microsoft Word is installable in either way. You can install it for the window individually or you may also get to use it as an MS office suite.

Deleting a Page on Word

Sometimes users may face situations where the need to delete a page on MS word arises. Deleting a page on Microsoft Word is not that difficult. There are many ways to delete a page on a word. You may also get several options while deleting, whether to delete selected content or whole page or delete page which isn’t that easily delectable. So there are different ways and different reasons for deleting a page on word. 

To simply delete a page in word one should follow the following guidelines:

First, open the page you want to delete. Then on that page click wherever you want to get something deleted. Click on that part of your screen and press keys on your keyboard, ctrl+G. You will get a bar open in front of you. In that bar enter the page you want to get deleted. After doing this press the enter key and after that move your cursor to the option of CLOSE. Select this option. Remember to check that content wanted to be deleted is selected accurately. Select it and then press the button of delete from your keyboard. That’s all! you are done with deleting unwanted pages on Microsoft word.  


Microsoft Word offers its users a comfortable use. Not to worry at all if there is any mistake. You can correct it within seconds. Just you need to know the proper use of Microsoft word. You will find out yourself that content creation is not anymore a tough task for you to complete. So give it a try now!