Eyebrow slits

Introduction to Eyebrow slits

Few words often convey double meaning but are used for a single idea that may confuse two closely related concepts. Our article is going to be on such a word that often confuses the reader.

A Cut in Eyebrow

Eyebrow slit refers to eyebrow cut. Eyebrow cut may be thought as an injury, cut or scrape on eyebrow but that’s not what this article deals with.

What Actually is an Eyebrow Slit?

Eyebrow slits refers to cuts that are either self-created or done by assistance of someone. It has been a trend throughout that many people like to have their eyebrows. These parallel cuts can either be made usually close to the end or other parts but it totally depends on the choice of the customer who wants an eyebrow slit

Ways to get Eyebrow Slits

  •  Salons, parlours and many other associated places provide customers with eyebrow cuts professionally. It’s one of the ways you can have an eyebrow slit.
  • Second way is that if you are quite confident of your skills, you can perform this at home. Here in this article we are going to give you a comprehensive explanation on how you can DIY eyebrow slit at home.
  • We do deal with other things as well apart from eyebrow slit. We have provided a lot many remedies you can implement to get thick eyebrows of your choice.

Pros of having Eyebrow Slits

When talking about getting an eyebrow slit, it’s not what is preferred by everyone. People often consider it a bold activity or something that goes against one’s limit. But to exceptions it is appreciated to have an eyebrow slit and usually they praise having it. Apart from this, having a cut on a body part so randomly is not supported everywhere. It’s defined as useless activity.

But for those who have a determined mindset to get an eyebrow slit, reasons are mentioned below. Still if the majority of your community don’t support your likings, and you want what you want, then following reasons can help you know why you should get an eyebrow cut.

  • As mentioned above having an eyebrow slit is a very famous trend but those who have a distinctive taste follow it. It will be a piece of cake for those who like punk looks. 
  • For those who regret having an eyebrow slit, or they don’t like it anymore, can have it undone as well. As eyebrows grow back thus they can recover their previous look within a time period of a few weeks.
  • Having an eyebrow slit is amazing. But if at some point you want it to be undone then there are many possible ways. You can simply cover it by shading with eyebrow pencil or even maskara can be used for undoing your eyebrow slits.
  • Doing it at home often scares you. But be confident. Don’t compare it with doing haircuts. Haircuts often get complexed because they can’t be managed properly. But getting an eyebrow slit yourself is just a simple task. So worry less and be confident. All you need to have is to perform this experiment on your eye. Make sure to get cent percent positive results on your first try.
  • Just a few homely available accessories are required to do so and you will get a look that shows you are a person of exceptional choice. It not only enhances your look but also adds to your physical impression as well.

Cons of Having Eyebrow Slits

Whenever choosing something to do that’s not popular evenly, you need to be extra careful. Paying attention to your decision doesn’t mean that here we are triggering you not to have an eyebrow slit. It’s totally up to you. You also had gone through a number of reasons you should get it. But considering everything, one should also consider the other side that we usually avoid to face. It’s just that you need to be known to every perspective that’s related to your decision.

  • One who is new to performing this activity should avoid it. Such people should go to salons to get WhatsApp suitable for you. It’s because at home you might get a fine eyebrow slit but you may not be aware of how thick or thin it needs to be. Professionally done eyebrow slits have their own look and can’t be doubted.
  • No doubt getting an eyebrow slit sounds cool but do consider other sides. It’s because the accessories used for eyebrow slits are not quite safe. They use sharp tools and there are possibilities that you might get injured because of this. Eyebrows being located nearer to eyes are crucial to consider because any sort of injury will not give your eyebrows a bad look but also will affect your whole face look. Apart from this the pain you would have to suffer from will count separately.
  • Following fashion trends may lead you to getting an injury with no cure as body areas like eyebrows often leave scars.
  • Getting eyebrow slits is not a simple thing or just a fashion. As it sounds odd it does have a hidden meaning. Eyebrow slits refer to association with any sorts of gangs or harm causing agencies.if somewhere you get caught into inquiry like that, your eyebrow slit can be an issue for your safety. Thus consider your safety first, because such fashions demand a lot no matter in which terms they do so. 

Method to Get an Eyebrow Slit

The proper method to get an eyebrow slit at home is discussed below. as it is cost effective and it is suitable. Getting a DIY eyebrow slit is advisable to only those who have skills and experience of doing it. Because it’s sensitive, it’s crucial for the fresher to be experienced first. 

Steps you need to follow are illustrated below. 

  • Step 1: brush your eyebrow properly and make it have a smooth flow. For this pulse you may use a brow brush or spoolie can also be used here.
  • Step 2: select an appropriate section of your eyebrow where you want to have a cut. Select according to what suits your look, your face cut.
  • Step 3: Mark the selected area and properly place the tapes on two sides of the selected area.
  • Step 4: either use a razor or sharp trimmer but remember to handle lightly. Don’t rub it hard otherwise you will get a deep cut which may bleed to a great extent.
  • Step 5: Move the tool slowly but smoothly on the area between tapes. Then remove the tapes slowly. Here you are with your new look.

You may go through details we have mentioned in which we have discussed different types of eyebrow slits that can suit your personality. Eyebrow slits can be of different types like they can be single, double or triple depending upon your demand. Else eyebrow slits are also in different alphabetical shapes. So, have a try without wasting time.