Top 10 Google Doodle Games

Introduction to Google Doodle Games

When listening to the name Google Doodle games, it usually sounds great and enjoyable but unfortunately these google doodle games are not that interesting as they are mostly observed. Most of them follow the same category, either they are related to any popular custom or any great historic event. Some of the google doodle games you will find that they are even more advanced in years

The most Popular Games on Google Doodle

When you plan to pass time on google doodle games, you might be confused to select a game. In order to find the best game out of a huge number, you may go through the following selectively described games. Here we have discussed below the most popular and highly rated games. The following are names of the games which follow distinctive styles and basics.


For years it had been practised that in order to commemorate important happenings usually new ones related to them are launched. The same is the case with PACMAN. This game was launched  to add more to the highly ranked titular arcade classic. PACMAN was also observed as the game gaining success,and presently it is considered as one of the most popular google doodle games. To take control over pacman , arrowhead keys are needed to be used. You can also add a member; with whom you can form a team. Forming a team basically is a bonus you get to make your game more interesting. Your member is given the role of Ms pacman. You can even control your partner through WASD keys.

PACMAN offers never ending joy. it had been a classic since the time it was released. In 2010, a few amendments were made in order to add more to the previously designed PaCMAN. It was found amazing as the player’s reviews about the game crossed the other ranking games.

It’s too easy to play the game but yes you need to be alert. What you are supposed to do is that go on clearing the levels. But be aware of ghosts passing through dots if you are caught up by a ghost then the game ends there. So, all that is needed is to secure yourself from these ghosts. As mentioned above if you want to play with another partner then let the partner in by twice pressing the insert coin. The incoming player will be entered as Ms PACMAN.



Previously it was defined as Mexico Bingo but then became popular as a card game. The way to play this game is also exciting. one of the players shows a card. The rest of the players check if their cards have any such matching one. If yes, then you have to show it. Once you show your card that matches to the one announcer had shown, you win but if not then wait until any of your card matches to that the announcer had shown. It’s quite different from bingo. The pattern you have on your cards should be different in each game, it will add to your interest. 

Loteria is ranked second google doodle game that offers multiple players at same time to play online.



The baseball Google Doodle is based on a historic and ancient baseball game. In 2019 this Doodle of baseball was launched in order to commemorate the American Independence. The game is based on the same rules as the original but there are few exceptions. Instead of players you play being a food item for example either you play a role as a cheese, hotdogs etc and similarly you will face your opponent as peanuts and all like that.

So, playing being a food item adds to your enjoyment and you found a great way to spend your time. This game has been modified and its Doodle form in order to bring further American style. Usually food items you can select are all popular American dishes like hamburgers, Big red watermelon, Sluggin Sirloin etc. No matter how many players you have to bat at but once you approach three strikes your game is over. You can’t argue for your leftovers who are still at bat. So, it’s the rule of the game.

Playing baseball offers you great enjoyment. When you get started with the game, any random food item approaches your plate. You are supposed to hit the ball with your bat when the pitcher aims the ball at you. Wherever you strike out, your points will stop there. the game ends at this point you can count your points as the game ends.



It’s a single player game. It’s easy, but you need to aim properly with required strength. The strength to release and shoot the ball should not be too much nor should it be weak enough that the ball doesn’t approach the net. The number of balls you can net determines your excellence. The time allowed is 30 sec. You have to net max balls in this interval.


Rubik Cube

The Rubik cube has been around for a long time. From the time it was discovered till now it’s the only game that not only gains players who are gamers but also does attract the attention of players who are mentally stressed. It’s sort of a treatment for those who suffer timely mental issues. It’s simple to understand how to play but is quite puzzling as well. There are six sides of a cube each of different colours. For a total there are six colours, evenly distributed on 54 squares. What the player is supposed to do is to make all six sides get the same colour. You are allowed to turn or twist the squares the way you think you can get the same color on the same side. You can rotate the cube or turn the squares by dragging or clicking your cursor.

Rubik’s cube is nothing else than making your brain think at an ultra-level. Though it’s interesting, it’s too difficult to win by getting all sides the same. But yes to every impossibility there are possibilities. For Rubik’s cube there are strategies to solve it and they are uncountable in number because every player who has one has his own unique strategy to get sides the same colour. So, compiling all stuff related to Rubik’s cube is too amazing to try. It’s usually considered a toy for children but it’s found that this toy has gained the attention and interest of people of different ages. You can have a chance to play it if you have a toy at your home but if not then yes there is another way too. Google doodle released a doodle for this game, for those who want to give it a try online. Since the product was launched till now it has been declared that this game is loved by people at all times.



The game has been designed with several collaborations. The game in itself is truly enjoyable. It is easy to play but yes it gains a lot of attention. All you have to do is clear the way for rabbits to eat carrots. The game playing criteria is quite hidden in its name as well.  You are allowed to drop blocks or you even can drag them as well.

The game is played in a coding language, as all the setup is based on coding. A coding system was proposed for this game because the establishments thought at some point in future when kids will play this game they will surely come to know about coding. Coding is something most related to computer learning. so in order to just play they tried to input something unique which kids can learn and use when necessary. By just dropping blocks or clearing path for rabbits to eat carrots actually is way to teach them coding

The game has levels; you need to clear the first one to move on to the next. For that purpose, you need to make way by following arrows on blocks. Make the move that’s suitable. Clearing level will take you to the next step that’s difficult comparatively. So, it sounds amazing to clear levels and face further difficulty levels.



To play this game you first need to learn about it. As by the name you can guess it’s something related to garden, flowers, plants etc. the correct way to play is that you need to throw the gnomes through the catapult. The further away you throw the gnomes the more flowers will grow as a result and the more points you will depends upon your throw. The more distance will be there from the point of projectile, the more you will get to approach further levels.



This game has a great history. Not only was it discovered differently but also has different bases as well. It was discovered through an idea given by the work of pharmacist Wilber Scoville. He was the one from whose work the developers got the idea of spicy peppers. You may find history regarding it online. The Scoville doodle was also launched to remember its creator. It was the birthday of Scoville when this doodle was launched. To consider is that still after his death, he was still known for his idea and it was celebrated on his 151 birthday. 

The objective of the game is that you have to cool the black pepper by placing the green metres at the right place in sequence. You have to basically freeze the peppers in order to cool them. Playing this game enables you to experience how it feels to crave for an ice cream scoop once a black pepper is tasted unconsciously.

What you’re supposed to do is that you need to remove black pepper by hitting them with ice cream scoops. You will see there is a bar at the bottom when you’re applying the game. This bar has a circle that continues to and for motion. You need to hit black pepper before it reaches the bottom. The more you hit the faster the game becomes. More and more peppers will pepper. Challenge yourself and check how many more peppers you can turn down by ice cream scoops.

Pony Express

The game doodle was released in 2015 again in remembrance of the historic pony express.  The game has been known highly because it became a source to establish relations between the United States,California and also the parts of the west. In the past this game played a vital role for connecting these globally.

The objective of the game is quite interesting and easy as well. The player collects all the letters and protects his horse from other  obstacles like cacti etc.The max score he makes by collecting letters enables him to unlock the next level.

Doodle Champion Island Game

The game explains the duality of historic customs. It not only describes the Tokyo summer Olympics and Paralympics but also throws light on Japanese folklore,its customs and culture. 

The game itself offers interest to the players.The player is given the role of a Ninja cat who is saviour of all other people inhabiting that champion island. The ninja proves himself strong by practising different sports that the game offers. Meanwhile it helps its community  .Champion island  game also allows players to enjoy some minipages side by side.

The game takes hours to win if you keep on clearing the levels and if you meet up the criteria continuously. What you are supposed to do is to fight against all seven champions of the island one by one .then if you defeat all of them ,you will be crowned as champion of that island. you can then take over the control and can establish peace for the pitiful people.