CTR and Its Manipulation 

Introduction to CTR 

Are you involved in online working or marketing? If yes then you must know a very important factor – CTR ( Click Through Rate). Many of you must be aware, but many are not, so it’s very important to know what basically this CTR is? CTR in its simpler meaning shows the number of people who watch your ad or listing of the product. Along with this it also shows up by clicking your call to action button or link. 

Rank Your Page Among Your Competitors

By having this feature, you will be able to know how well the ads, keywords or listing of your product works or performs its task. You can see the comparison between the number of people who click your links and who don’t. 

If you want your page to rank higher in the search engine results, then your main goal will be to have a higher click-through rate (CTR) than the other competitors. The more you have CTR, the more would google be receiving the positive signal that would in return promote your page.

Formula-based Feature

CTR feature is basically a game of formula that includes both the clicks and the impressions over the links. Clicks ÷ impressions = CTR. This is the same as if you have five legs and 100 impressions then the total CTR would be 5%. The online percentage availability of the individuals viewing the web page is turned into CTR. 

If you really think your web page is best among the other relevant pages then you must look into your page’s CTR. If your page CTR is much higher than your competitors then your page is successful for capturing the user’s attention. One of the benefits of having or achieving higher click through rate is to advertise your page site in cost-per-click where they are measured in dollars.

Benefits of Using CTR in Online Marketing

It is seen that the internet users have built insensitivity to all the ads present on the web pages as the time passes. As there could be 0.2% of CTR, for only about two users over 1000 views. There are several benefits of having CTR over the web pages. Such as:

  1. CTR helps to have effective and successful online marketing.
  2. As there are alot of people, who click over your ads or pages. So, their Click-through rate helps you out to have the information regarding the number of people liking or clicking your ads. 
  3. CTR makes you aware of how much you are in competition with your competitors.

CTR Manipulation – SEO Strategy

CTR manipulation is one of the important SEO strategies that functions the same as its name suggests. Yes, this is the strategy where all the SEOs generate clicks to a website. It’s basically a trick to make the search engine think that this part of the content or page is much more popular than it is actually. 

CTR Manipulation – Rejection by Google

No doubt, now CTR manipulation is possible but Google criticised it. Yes, now you can rank your page or content higher by CTR manipulation in search results but Google won’t favour that. So, firstly don’t take a risk of trying it. But if you want to try it out, then you must be ultra perfect in this thing. You must be aware of dealing with it to make an approach that includes the consideration of how the clicks and search results ratio works. 

Organic CTR Manipulation

If we see in reference to google policies, then this type of ‘manipulation’ looks totally negative, but CTR manipulation is far away from that meaning. There are proper organic methods for the CTR manipulation. This is the same as if you have uploaded your content on social media and that content gets clicked. And the same content is redirected to the visitors for the promotion purposes. This is how organic CTR manipulation works actually. 

If you want to drive traffic towards your content or website, then you must use these methods that are too effective in manipulating the user-generated signals. And these ways are considered to implement (CTR) click-through rate manipulation. These methods are termed as either Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO Tactics. 

Well-Known Methods of CTR Manipulation

Some of the popular CTR Manipulations are there that most of our SEOs use. But some of them are not recommended to be used, as it could prove to be harmful for the user’s site or content. 

  1. Automated Software, Click Bots or CTR Traffic Bots: This is one of the most simple strategies of click-through rate, to get your website or content to rank higher by resulting in many calls. These calls are named as “data centre/fake clicks/fake calls/bot traffic/fake traffic”. But remember that now google is advanced enough to catch the click traffic and fraud which are generated from different bots or data centres. So, be careful while working or generating the clicks. 
  2. Social Media Shares: This is one of the best organic platforms for click-through rate (CTR) manipulation, where you can share your website’s links. This platform functions to increase the user’s signals to your own websites along with the GMB links (GMB CID, GMB posts etc..). No doubt it’s not the latest CTR strategy but it results in organic click-through. It is too safe and secure to use for your website or content. 
  3. Email blast: Email blast is one of the methods that is slightly different from having direct traffic manipulation. This is not a new strategy, most of you would be well aware of it. But now it is working effectively to rank your website or content among others. Now you can spike your content, website, any video, page or blog post by sharing it on your email newsletters. And this all is done through click-through rate.
  4. Paid Ads: The most recommended and mostly used method by all SEO experts is paid ads. Yes, this is that organic CTR manipulation method by which you can engage maximum traffic towards your page. These paid advertisements are considered as the strong and effective traffic generators, if it is handled properly. If you want to get more clicks and traffic towards your content or page, then sponsored posts or paid ad symbols are there to help you out. 


If you really want your content or page to be at a higher rank as compared to your competitors, then don’t waste your time. Use this amazing feature available for you – click-through rate (CTR) and manipulate according to your own will. Use any suitable method and have a high ranked page or content.