Route Planner

Introduction to Route Planner

With time, many modifications have been made in different tools and apps used for planning routes. Route planner is another name for a way marker. Not only does it mark out your route for the journey but also can provide you with certain undiscoverable features. Routes planner previously was used for only restricted purposes. But now with the latest modifications it also enables you to know how much expense will be there for a specified route while travelling.

What actually is a route planner?

Basically a route planner is a supervisor that automatically computes and checks the way at intervals on which you are travelling on. Being known to everything the app awards you of any sort of mishap or accidents on your way in advance.

Main feature of route planner

The most basic and important function a route planner performs is that it provides you with a route that covers least expense.  In other words, it provides you a way that is suitable both in terms of cost and safety. So it’s a big advantage one can gain through this app. No doubt that the app has been designed in a way considering all requirements of travelers.  

What does a route planner do?

An appropriate route planner helps you to approach your destination without any sort of delay. While if you consider travelling without knowing your exact way, then not only will it be time taking but also will be tiring as this app enables you to follow the map and be at your spot without any distractions. Using this app will keep you confident that you are not on a wrong path. People travel due to different reasons. 

For those who are travelling for the purpose of outings might not use the app, it may not concern them more. But for a person who deals with business meetups it is bounded by time. He needs to be there on the spot. Thus Using route planner will be a great thing that can prevent any sort delay or problems

For those who are habitual of using a route planner may be aware of everything regarding this app. For the new users, we have mentioned below which route planner app can be beneficial for you.

Suggested route planner for android users

Android is the most highly rated in terms of its users. The number and quantity that android has is not at all comparable to the others. It is itself unbeatable. If we talk about Apple than being expensive it has its own specified route planner app in it. So for these two usually google maps are the best to mark out your routes.


For those who perform critical tasks that need to be supervised in advance, an app like OptimoRoute should be used. This app works best on android. It helps you to relocate your destination, and to check all security requirements before travelling. Specially for the VIP Protocols that need to move from one place to another, OptimoRoutes is the best choice.

Know more about google route planner

Google maps were used excessively when they were launched. They were the most suitable route marker and were easily accessible too. But now it’s been a long time since they have been discovered. There are no boundaries for advancement. With time in addition to other fields, the mapping system has also been modified to a great doubt previously the google maps were the best and s are now but yes there are some other alternatives as well. For those who want to plan routes in a more advanced and enhanced way can go for such other apps as well.

Alternatives competing google maps

As alternatives are there for google maps thus they provide something more attractive than google maps. Google maps at present do not possess the same features as it used to previously. It lacked many of the required characteristics and is not much advanced than the other apps are. But still yes google maps can be used for fireplaces within a limited number of stops.

For example, the Google route planner doesn’t have any route optimization features that can account for time window constraints, vehicle specifications, multi driver management, real time tracking, or proof of delivery, to name a few. 

Route planners offered to IPhone users

What’s the best route planner for a specific company depends upon its users? Apple users get a route planner that’s already the part of phone functioning. It offers much more stopping reliability as google maps does. But still many Apple users tend to install or go for google maps, because they are much more comfortable with its use. So it all depends on the users’ will. Hence the iPhone offers accessibility for any type of route planner.

Access other alternative of route planner

If one goes for more options other than Apple maps or google maps, then they may gain access to more advantages which are mentioned below.

Able to plan routes for you within a few minutes, you need not to wait long. 

Provides you with a route that’s perfect for driving. Tells you the exact time for your move from one stop to another. Also offers managing your vehicle keeping in consideration the capability, capacity, and other aspects.