Corky Lee


Artist is someone who is not known by his skills but is known by the attraction that he adds to his work. The attraction that catches others towards it and opens its point of view to them. Corky Lee was also such an artist who had this specialty. By profession he was basically a photographer. Photography was the art he was expert in. He explained various aspects through his photography which became a source to bring about change in Asian Americans life.


Photographers have their own worlds and their own thoughts. They put their effort forward to capture what they want to show the world who can’t even observe that in reality. Photographers are directly or indirectly related to nature, some with sceneries, some with human sculptures, and some capture moments and explore exceptional points from them.

Keen Observer

Corky Lee was a true admirer of Asian Americans. He established a distinctive thought through his photography that became a source of those Americans’ prosperity. He captured their experiences and their endowments they made for their era. His photography is not something just captured. Photos he had taken seemed as if they had tongues and could speak for themselves. He worked to show how the Asian Acidic American community has made its fate to get success. Back then when he started his work, the mainstream media neglected his work. But with time when it started gaining consideration than it got to its peaks


Corky Lee had a family of 7 members. He was second one among his siblings. A sitter was older than him and he had three brothers younger than him. He was born in New York on 5 of September in 1947. His parents were both emigrants and belong to china. He died in 2021 on 27th of January. He was known not only as a photographer but because his work was related to socialism, he was also known as community organizer, activist, journalist.

Studies and Interest 

Corky Lee was born with the urge to work for mankind. Despite being involved in his studies he managed his interest in his photography skills. He noticed the railroad completion catures. He observed that those who constructed the road were not there and celebrations were made by the elite supervisors. He continued to explore his interests and for that he even borrowed cameras from others. Later when he ended his studies he started working as a freelancer. He used to take tasks related to Asian, American communities. He worked a lot for organizations without charging them for his efforts. 

Honoured awards

Here is the list of some prestigious awards that Lee won during his lifetime.  Corky Lee first was not observed with his ideas. The attention his concepts required was not fulfilled. Later when people got to know his point of view his work made no limitations to success. He was awarded with a number of honoured awards. In 1993 he won two awards from Syracuse University and an award of special recognition from the journalist association. Again in 2002 he made his place as an achiever of the New York press association award and the award from New York’s university. Afterwards he secured three more awards for himself.

After Life 

He did something that made him become alive after being dead. People often leave their efforts behind that become memorable everlasting. His work kept publishing in newspapers like the New York times, time magazine etc. the corky lee story is in itself a guide to freedom. Freedom a man can make possible for his living.He at least again tried to recollect some photographs by gathering Asian Americans. 

The documentary gained a lot of attention and the most important thing was that he achieved it because he had tried so hard. What else was required. He left behind something that proves the life he led was worth more than anything. His documentary was named photographic justice.