Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation Week – all You Need to Know About It

A Noble Profession

Teaching is a profession that owns a criteria distinctive from all other professions. Meeting the criteria of this profession is not so easy for everyone. Not everyone in the world can opt this profession. To be honest it’s a profession that selects someone who fulfills its demand. Teaching is the most noble profession, and it’s a very common sentence we all knew for centuries. Having doubt about this profession is nothing less than illiteracy. One can doubt other professions but it’s something that guarantees what it teaches. Teachers are the ones who produce what’s best for the motherland. The guidance a student gets from a teacher truly is more than he gets from anyone else. One should consider its value when they already know that teachers are like our parents. Parents are someone we admire the most. So are the teachers, they are as respectable as their parents are.

Professions are somehow self-beneficial but teaching is the only profession that’s a duty. This duty is only allotted to those who can build minds. Teaching is the only profession that teaches other professions. In Fact, it would not be wrong at all if we state other professions arise from this profession. Or it may be true that teaching is the basis for other professions. 

Regarding teacher

A teacher is someone who manufactures these best for their students and then keeps standing there without fear of getting any success. But the student, he excels in life. A teacher teaches without having any desire to be fulfilled except for the one that his students may achieve their goals. Consider how pure and true loving a teacher is? We work day and night to earn for ourselves, but teachers work day and night to sort out plans and things which can let us fulfill our dreams.

Teachers are truly deserving of having an appreciation week. Though thanking a teacher all your life is not enough but we can make them proud of themselves if we celebrate a whole week in their honor. They don’t need anything from us in exchange for making our lives, but we should consider their importance too.

Appreciation Celebration in May

Teacher appreciation doesn’t need a specific day to be celebrated. We should consider their hard work throughout our lives. Our appreciation week isn’t that worthy that it compensates their loyalty but yes we can at least bound some time for their honor. Usually a day is fixed for celebrating teachers’ appreciation. It changes every year. Usually it’s celebrated at the start of May. In the very first week of this month, teacher appreciation week is planned. The specific day for this is the very first Tuesday of the first week of May.

Do teachers really deserve appreciation?

A profession that works overtime more than the required needs to be appreciated. Just have a flashback of a teacher’s life, do you really think they live for themselves? They only make use of their life in order to mark the way for our lives. We often think that they only work between specific hours of daily school routine. But it’s not like that. Our teachers not only teach us during the lectures but they perform their duties part time as well, the whole year to make us progress. We can’t measure a teacher’s love and his effort for his student. Students can take time off from their daily boring school life, but teachers never try to get absent otherwise it would be hard for them to cover the syllabus of their students. If they take a day off, their students will suffer. Keeping this drawback in mind, a teacher tries his level best to be regular.

These are only a few aspects, if we consider all others as well, that define a teacher’s strength then we will be aware of their hardships. We will come to know that praising a teacher throughout your life doesn’t make up a part even as comparable to what your teachers had done for you.

So we should never doubt the appreciation our teachers deserve. It’s because we can never replace them in a way they have been for us. The character they play in our lives is the most precious one, that’s not easily accessible by everyone.

What needs to be done in appreciation week?

All we can do in this short defined period of teacher appreciation week is that we can make them realize how much importance they have in our lives. Presenting them small but whole heartedly prepared gifts and helping them get a feeling that they are the role models can be the best idea. The foremost thing we can do is to let them watch how much care being a student can do for them.

Teachers are multitaskers

Could the number of tasks a teacher perform can be counted? Obviously no! Because what a teacher does is not necessary to be visualized. A Lot many things they do only for their students keeping their matters aside. They attend earlier than anyone in the morning, and afterwards they are the one who gets late at off time. The substitutions, result preparations, lectures. Maintaining disciplines, curriculum etc. this all is possible because of a teacher’s existence. Think of a school without a teacher? You will find it as if the whole world sounds nothing and there is no purpose of setting schools if a teacher is not there. So always remember to respect the teacher because they are vital components whose absence in our life can lack everything.