What is a Citation Machine?

Introduction to citation machine

Citation machine is presently a highly used platform that functions to provide bibliophilic references. These references are required to be added in the article or writings. References when added to writings fulfil their criteria. Thus their importance matters a lot.The citation machine not only functions just for references but also enables its users with multiple features as well. One can avail facilities of citation machine MLa generator, chicago generator or apa generator and vancouver generator. Apart from this a number of other designs that are internationally used are also available.

Alternatives of citation machine

A machine that functions to add citations automatically to the mla, Turabian etc is what a citation machine is. The platform allows users to not only add citations but also enables searching for new content and selecting the one that’s suitable and according to your demand. Now being in the era of technology, if we don’t want to go for a citation machine then you can also try the alternatives. Alternatives of citation machines are not only at different websites but now you can also get them in the form of several apps as well. The apps are processable on phones, windows and desktops as well.

Although there are alot of citation machine alternatives. But over here we are mentioning some of the most advanced and efficient apps that are best substitutes for citation machines.

  • My bib
  • Easy bib
  • Bibguru
  • Citation generator
  • Bibme

Among these, one of the best selections you can make is by preferring my bib. My bib is free of cost and open source as well. It’s a great way to accomplish your required tasks.

Experiences of using citation machine

Using any sort of platforms or apps will lead you to an observation regarding it. Either will you find it interesting and useful or will you find some of the drawbacks. Either of this is a possibility. Using a citation machine also gives such conclusions. It is useful but somehow there are also a few drawbacks as well. The pros and cons of using a citation machine are stated below.


  • Apart from citations other features are also accessible as well. 
  • Citation styles are available in variety
  • Students’ use is the most crucial thing. A Lot of students get their tasks completed by using this tool. 
  • It’s easy to use even for beginners.
  • Citation styles can be added according to the required demand.


  • This tool is costly. That’s why it’s preferable to use alternatives that are free of cost.
  • Accuracy is another major aspect that matters a lot. It’s the most significant drawback because either of the citation tools does not give output efficiently.
  • Bibliographic references are not orderly organised. It causes trouble while using it.
  • The demanded citation styles offered are not fulfilled correctly just because formatting is not managed properly.
  • Whether to use it on windows or phones, this machine has a lot many drawbacks. It’s not at all user friendly. Though it’s helpful, it requires a lot of stress steps to deal with.
  • While adding citations, one cannot recognize errors if there are any. This is because no tools are offered that could point out mistakes automatically.
  • You even can say that most appropriate citations are only available to be used by US only.its a serious distinction that often triggers the users.


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  • – MyBib is the most popular Web-based, Windows, Mac & Linux alternative to Citation Machine.
  • – MyBib is the most popular Open Source & free alternative to Citation Machine