Basic SEO Practices For Beginners

We all should be aware of the fact that SEO isn’t something that has any kind of hard and fast rules, which means no one can be the SEO guru. No one is aware of the algorithms on which search engines work or rank the sites. Each of them is different so all you can do is optimize your website to the best you can. There are a few things that we all should keep in mind while we are developing a new website that must be considered as a key step to take SEO of that site. Make sure we are fulfilling the basics.

Let’s have a look at some basic things

1- Meta Tags (Google Tag Managers):-

Do make sure that we a filling our meta tags of title, description, and keywords with complete utilization of space. I myself is not with the case that meta keywords affect much but for the personal reference that what keywords are we mapping on this page are targeted. This could help us in doing organized optimization and mapping of keywords. As at the start you work on various websites and it might make you confuse to remember things efficiently. However, search engines can also find the logic of your SEO work. Such things don’t have an effect on your SEO. Definitely try to utilize space efficiently by putting your keywords into meta titles, and summarizing those keywords into your meta descriptions as well. And the pro tip for you is that don’t use the same meta tags on multiple pages. Take your time to make such thoroughly unique.

2- Good Content is King.

Well, content is something that the king internet was meant for. All the legacy of this online world is dependent on some good and decent content. So make sure you are following all the rules and regulations of this legacy. What if you’re successful in giving some good and unique content then all the SEO practices you are following and the backlinks you are making are like a ball rolling and you are just placing it. Make sure you are giving them what the user wants. Try to use the best designs and content for your page and try to avoid posting duplicate content on multiple pages of your website as the Search Engines are not liking them at all. That’s all, and they will start coming on your website.

3- Optimize Content With Keywords

Make sure your content is structured properly and the flow is making sense what you’re portraying to your user. Make a few heading like (h1, h2,…..) with your content highlighting and limit your keyword density to 2% on a maximum. It might vary a bit while including your headings, titles, etc…

4- Setup your .htaccess correctly

You might have observed that there are several versions of URLs live on the Internet World. So you have to decide which way you have to progress or you want your URL to stick to. There are two choices whether to use WWW or Non-WWW URL so choose one of them and use it everywhere in your links or any other directory. I usually apply a 301 redirection to all non-www URLs to WWW URLs. And if I won’t do this then both URLs will appear in Google searches and will cause a duplication issue. And this only single thing can ruin all your efforts and will be ruined. And if you don’t know how to set up a 301 redirection using your .htaccess then you can just make a google search for this you’ll get hundreds of threads explaining this. It is quite short and simple that won’t bother you much. Plus don’t forget to specify in google tools that which version you’ll be using.

5- Setup Robots.txt properly.

Robots file should be configured correctly as they are good communicators with the Search Engines bot that which page you want to be indexed or what sort of rules you are describing for multiple bots available on the Internet World. And if you’re not aware of the bots then keep in mind that these are the crawlers of SEs and each of them has its own. Also, set up custom 404 pages for your site presenting a 404 error message in its header. And if your site consists of more than a couple of pages then make a sitemap.xml file for your site that will be explaining the structure of your website to the crawlers.

Other than this there is a lot to do in SEO that can influence your ranking and CTR too. But what we have discussed is the most important and the easiest part of SEO. These are also remembered as some salient features of On-Page SEO.

And now everything else we’ll be discussing is about of page SEO and you can also count it as promotions and sort of backlinking strategy.

Now, this is the major portion where we all need to put our efforts on and thus there will be boosting our efforts in a righteous way. Well talking about the sources will create a long list but Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarks, Blog Comments, and Profile Links are the easiest sources of getting a backlink and making promotions of your website. Its always not a bad idea if you need to buy them from different sources but make sure you’re doing it in the right way as Google doesn’t like this strategy. So make sure the links are bought from different accounts and from different IP addresses. But for beginners, the best thing is to find links on their own and find the one that is free of cost. Later on when you have enough settled setup then you can buy a quantity and quality of links from a serviced setup. Creating too many links fastly can cost you much as Search Engines get you that you’re using illegal ways of promotions. So try to look natural. As older you get into a business you will be able to have complex link-building strategies.


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