6 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

So guys, let’s dig into the reason for doing all this SEO… TRAFFIC. The major reason for making the word DIGITAL MARKETING a huge norm and the markets are running, and business is generating with the school of thought. We all are on the same track searching for traffic which comprises the visitor is only what is keeping Internet marketing alive. Without them, I hope we all might be digging rocks and finding some groceries.

I work on any projects other than my SEO services, and I have derived that we all can get traffic to our site’s even if we aren’t ranking on top of Google or no 1 in Google for our main keyword. Yes, I have experienced a lot and I have multiple ways to get that.

For my personal projects, there are 6 different ways I get traffic from. After you read all my assets of experience I request you to comment a single tip to help the community to grow their business and make their life a success. Soon this post will become a pot of gold which will have minerals full of knowledge. You can also have some intelligence questions as I’m here to answer all of you.

Target pages with 2-3 organic rankings.

So if you’re ranking on page 2 or 3 of Google and you think that you can gain traffic from them then you’re completely wrong at it because it won’t matter that you are either on 23rd position, or you’re on 99th or 499. I have a piece of good news for you that through internal linking you can give a boost to those of your pages that are ranking on 2nd or 3rd page of Google.

 Just try to list down all of your such pages, use your Google analytics, search consoles SEMRUSH tools or AHREFS or the one you love. Now the only thing left is the organization and management of the pages. Now you need to find out pages of your websites that have enough juice to transfer through internal linking.

You can also use open site explorer of ahrefs to calculate the PA DA of website pages. For others, you cannot guarantee that if the site is spamming or no. But for your own project, you can do it in just a few seconds that by putting the main URL into it and opening the top pages tab to find out.

Once you have identified your such pages now find out the strongest amongst them and link it to the page that is sitting on the 2nd page of Google. This technique is quite helpful in making to rank long tail keywords that only require a little push to get ranked on the first page. Smart internal linking is the thing that is often ignored by the people, but yeah it can be very helpful as we are wasting useful space to get ranked. Don’t rush to this technique at once just try a few and not to overload a single page at once. SEO is basically a hit and trial method so just try to experiment on a few pages earlier and then try other.

Enriching page descriptions through PPC Copies

So if you think that page descriptions are useless for SEO then you’re wrong. You have the choice to include your keywords into it but it won’t help in rankings though. But yes a lot of people agree on this stage that the CTR would improve through it much by just if the user got the matched keyword in the description, as well as the same he searched for the user is likely to click that.

It might make some logic but if you look at some descriptions they even won’t make sense as they are filled with a bunch of keywords. No one is going to get impressed by such shit and is going to click on it just because it is enriched with keywords. So, I recommend you to get ideas from the PPC ads descriptions so that you can find what people are getting into by paying much money.

It is as simple as you get into Google and figure out the search related to your keyword and find out the ads that are shown above. Look into the descriptions as these are the people who are paying huge amounts just to get on the first page, and they are optimizing their ads well according to the Click Through Rate (CTR). Because they won’t be wasting money by just writing shits. In short, the PPC ads are the best source of copying how people are attracting visitors by optimized ads.

Just try this… as a lot of people have a nice number of ranks but no one likes to click on them as their descriptions lack in beauty. Such ranks are useless if no one likes to click on them. All you need is to make them good.

Make a list of sites that feature the posts that can link you.

This step is the easiest one in any niche… Just make a list of some good sites that can be related to you and are the highly reputed ones. This can be done for any nice easily.

Let’s have an example: If you’re working for a website that is featuring hotels and is booking hotels for them. Then write a search query for the relevant city as “top luxury hotels in Dubai” you’ll be finding top websites and blogs that are writing on this topic. You need to list them separately and find out the best of them so that we can request them for a link.

Now just make sure that we are not getting a no-follow link from them and every site is linking to us. Some people think that they are going to lose a link juice for those as they are giving a do-follow link. But unfortunately, they are caught suspicious by giving a no follow the outbound link as the SEO thing is more than a natural thing than a technique. Yes, the biggest sites of the world also give an outbound link. Do all big sites have no-follow links? No

You don’t need to hire an in-house writer for a blog post. It’s better to spend a few dollars and buy a link that will benefit you much more than wasting your time on writers.

Now once you have contacted all of your target sites and have got a referral link from them now you have done the job as you have got the best referral and there are also chances to get traffic from that link as the site has featured the whole blog about you.

Sponsor Infographic

This is the easiest way to get a backlink from any of the websites of your relevant niche. And mostly I have observed that the site owners are not worried or disgusted to hear this word. All you need is to pay some handsome amount of dollars to the person who will generate the infographic for you.

It’s similar to the above-mentioned point that reach out to the relevant site owners as them that we need to publish an Infographic on your site. Also, make them sure that you’ll be handling each and everything just they need to publish that. All the design and theme phases will be handled by you.

Let’s hear out how we can do Infographic

Dig out the website from where you want a referral link. Just target the best of the best amongst the web world. Tell them about your views and show your purposes and show them your profile and make sure to have a verbal agreement that they are ready to sponsor your Infographic. As you’ll be co-branding their brand and will be having the logo icon and their brand name along with the address of their website and of your own too on it.

Not all the websites will do this for you. So don’t try to rely on any without the agreement. As the market is flooded with Infographic and most of the site owners have thousands of them on their site. So, you need not wait too long for their reply. Just move to the next website. I’m sure they are only interested if you assure them that you’ll also include them also and the Infographic will be branding them too.

This is the best practice to get a naked backlink. This backlink can be best as this will be placed on the relevant niche and also if the design of the infographic is good enough then it can catch some referral traffic too.

Signup the newsletters of your competitors

As we discussed, getting links on the other site is not difficult until unless you’re not using any of the template messages that usually people are annoyed of. Though they offer an article of 500 words to the owner, and they are not pleased with it and don’t even bother to answer them. So try to be unique with writings and making an offer to get links on a website.

Now what you need to do is to sign up to the newsletter of each and every website of your competition. Nowadays most of them do have a newsletter. Try to make all of them and yes it might rush you email but try to make a new mail while staying within your domain. EG [email protected]. But keep one thing in mind: don’t make mails like [email protected] or like newletter@yoursite. Because the smart site owners will surely be kicking such emails out.

Now just when the newsletter notification pops out just read it in 3 seconds and reply to them by just having some cream coated lines like.. Nice post, great work like this. Do also try to share on your social media and this will lead you to build your relation with them. As you might pop out into their sights. Try these steps for almost 3 to 4 weeks.

Now after a month when you receive a newsletter reply to them with some new thing like, Hey! Nice information actually I was also writing a blog post on the topic you have shared now. Would you like to get that content published on your website.

This is the most formal way of having a guest post published. Approach like you’re trying a girl to marry with not asking her for a single night sleep over. You have to work hard on some wine and dine to have a free blog post to get published on the competitors’ website. All the effort will pay out a referral link from a higher ranked website of the same niche.

One blogpost a day (Target low volume long tail keyword)

Well we see everyone is after long tail keywords these days yeah they are of much importance. But most of the people will skip keywords with below 20 searches as they think it is useless. But I will tell you the importance of those low searched long tail keywords that what miracle can be done by them. The mission is that we will target one every single day.

Now make sure the long tail is targeted and optimized in title heading and the content as well because a little on page can give you the best experience and rankings. Don’t forget to apply correct internal linking techniques and this will complete all our low ranked long tail keywords.

Just we need to be consistent because the results come late after the play. But imagine if you targeted a keyword daily that has a min of 20 searches every week. After a year you’ll be targeting 260 keywords with working Mon-Fri that rounds to 5200 very targeted searches every month. And if you have done your on-page optimisation up to the mark then you’ll be obviously ranking on the top for all these keywords.

These types of traffic will give much boost than the other because the general keyword targeted traffic is not much accurate as of these.

I hope that you’ll find it useful… Let’s discuss these points and give your reviews guys.