Best Free and Paid Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers

Introduction to Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

Its well said that You can avoid allegations of plagiarism through awareness and honest efforts. Today, it’s a time of advancement and technology in each aspect of life. Now every person in any field like studies, professional or others must be aware of using technology for their writing purpose. This article especially refers to the teachers and the students.

Fed Up of Plagiarism Issue?

There are several documents which teachers have to prepare and assignments for the students. But the issue arises when it comes to plagiarism, copying from the net makes your content of

weak strength.

List of Best Free/Paid Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers

So, only for this purpose of removing this unethical theft, we are here with some of the best online plagiarism removal tools. These tools are available for free and for premium as well depending upon their limitations. Here we will discuss each tool in detail along with its pros and cons.

• DupliChecker

Are you in your student life and have to do many assignments and projects? To your all questions, we have a one-word answer Dupli Checker. This tool is designed to provide you with error-free content for all your purposes. DupliChecker is a confounding tool that facilitates you with the best of its services to make your content look best before it becomes public. It is a free tool that also offers several premium plans along with a free one. A key point about Dupli checker is its variety, you can check content in different languages such as Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Arabic and Russian.


  • Dupli Checker includes serval pros, as follows:
  • It highlights duplication.
  • You can remove errors from content easily.
  • You can have an enhancement in your writing.
  • It also has an image to text converter.


  • Its Disadvantages include:
  • Sometimes it becomes slower, after two to three times of use.
  • It has a word limit of about 1000 words.

• Plagiarism Detector

Are you fed up with the plagiarism in your content? and do you want to remove it? The plagiarism detector is now there, offering you different options. these options include entering a URL, uploading your content containing files or copying and texting. The plagiarism detector allows 12 different formats. Surprisingly, now you can have access to the Plagiarism detector as it has applications for both Windows computers and Android Mobiles.


  • Perfect tool designed for finding similar sentences for your content.
  • Better payment features along with customization allowance.
  • The free version of the Plagiarism detector makes you have a good experience.
  • You can upload your text to be analysed in 12 different formats.


  • Its searches for matches only in the content.
  • It provides a limit of 2000 words per analysis.
  • Plagiarism Detector is an important tool for different institutes including, schools, colleges, academies, universities and companies etc. is considered to be the best content originality checker.

• Easy Bib

while keeping the needs of high school and college-level students, Easy Bib a built-in plagiarism detector is designed. this tool is designed to have a premium grammar and spelling checker. In Easy Bib, the sub-word Bib refers to the creation of a bibliography or to citing the pages at the term or essay paper’s end. this is the main purpose for what the EasyBib tool is generated. But now there is an addition in its services, this includes reorganizing spelling errors, grammar errors, instances of accidental plagiarism and punctuation errors.

Easy Bib is said to be one of the best writing-errors finding tools and grammar checkers. you can you Easy Bib for free and also for the premium version, both are effective for all users. A confounding thing about Easy Bib is that it can be used by people of all ages and skill levels. Easy Bib is too good and efficient at its working.


  • Easy Bib is a great plagiarism detector.
  • It’s an amazing citation generator.
  • Easy Bib is too easy to use.


  • Easy Bib has limited suggestions
  • Tedious sign-up

• Quetext

In the past two years, Quetext is among the best plagiarism tools and is used for research paper publication. Quetext is a plagiarism checker that examines the content for plagiarism checker, citations with ease and fixes writing problems. it’s efficient to use and provides high-speed functioning with accuracy.


  • Quetext functions to detect plagiarism.
  • It pinpoints all the mistakes in the content immediately and adds citations where ever they are required.
  • The exact plagiarism percentage is shown in the plagiarized text. This helps the user to know about plagiarism and where it lies.
  • Quetext shows the exact point where changes are required to make the content plagiarism-free.


  • Quetext tool lack built-in grammar checking.
  • For free you are limited to 500 words per text and it’s without login. But for the competition, you are allowed for free 1000 words per text.
  • while using the Quetext tool, you can’t upload documents.
  • Most Important Features
  • Check the plagiarism of all texts.
  • you can check all the plagiarism in your content.
  • Quetext helps you to analyse your text accurately and with fast speed.
  • Quetext tool also creates citations for the plagiarized content or text.

• Scribbr

Having a lot many facilities in one tool is like having a lot many surprises gifts in one pack only. Scribbr is exactly like that one pack, as it offers you different services like proofreading, citation generators and a plagiarism checker. It is further divided into Scribbr APA and Scribbr MLA generators. it would not be wrong to say that the Scribbr tool is flexible in its functioning and more correct when compared with other online tools. but, the point of lack is its limitations and flashness.


  • With the help of Scribbr, you can create different source types.
  • you can have citation features for free at Scribbr
  • Scribbr also allows downloading in Microsoft Word.
  • by the use of chosen citation style Scribbr formats your bibliography.
  • you can also have access to the Scribbr tool even on your android phones.


  • only two citations styles are offered by Scribbr including MLA and APA.
  • Scribbr is unable to convert content between MLA and APA. so, if you have added 30 references in APA generator Scribbr then for MLA Scribbr you have to add them all anew to the list of work cited in MLA.
  • there are limitations in both APA and MLA generator Scribbr, and it also doesn’t allow proper citing sources addition.
  • the interface is hard to master in Scribbr and is not very user-friendly.
  • to have access to some features your registration is compulsory, otherwise, you can’t have them all at social networks.

• Plagiarisma

Teachers and students used to do different content work on their daily basis, and they don’t have idea about how to make their content free from Plagiarism. This is because they lack information about Plagiarisma, a tool that is designed for removing Plagiarism. This tool helps students and teachers to scan their documents and to know how much Plagiarism is there in their documents. you would love to know that Plagiarisma is free to use tool. Don’t make yourself ashamed in front of others for copying from net instead of writing on your own.

If you have Plagiarism in your content, don’t worry Plagiarisma is there for you. Have the services of Plagiarisma, and make your content Plagiarisma free.


  • Plagiarisma helps you to correct and edit similar idioms.
  • An important tool for students and teachers with efficient working.
  • You can have access to Plagiarisma on Windows, Blackberry, Moodle, Web and Android.
  • Plagiarisma is capable of identifying copyright infringement in your documents consisting of a research paper, coursework or anything like that.


  • Plagiarisma works but took some time to analyse your document or content you want to analyse.
  • Plagiarisma allows limited access for free but can have some access by having a premium.

• Grammarly

Today, there are too many tools that serve to facilitate students and teachers in their fields. These online tools are best and unique in their functioning, but what about the tool that is used the most? Grammarly is a confounding and good app or extension for your browsers. Microsoft Word, WordPress, Instagram and Facebook etc are different platforms where you can use Grammarly for different purposes. you can check the spelling, grammar, and many other special functions. For being your “Free Grammar Assistant”, the Grammarly app is coined. This sounds interesting, right? But along with too many features, there are some limitations while using Grammarly, which would be further discussed. There are several features of Grammarly available for all the users but you can’t have access to all of them. You can use Grammarly for free but based on limitations, whereas having a premium you can have maximum access to Grammarly’s features. These features include Vocabulary enhancement, Grammar and spelling checks, Plagiarism detector (checks over 16 billion web pages), Checks punctuation grammar, context, and sentence structure and Genre-specific writing style checks.


  • Grammarly proves that it’s a real-time grammar correction.
  • Grammarly is highly accurate and customized.
  • It’s too easy to use and you can easily understand the explanations of the mentioned errors.


  • Grammarly is limited to a free version, and can’t work for everything.
  • Aggressive advertising also makes Grammarly lack its importance.


Plugscan Is one of the free to use tools that is popular among the students and teachers. Plugscan includes a lot many features such as document submissions, API integration, and document management along with the administration. Plugscan is Signed to support web-based deployment and it is ideal for different industries in the ongoing world such as media houses and education. Plugscan Is two easy to use and it’s a platform dead offers flexibility, integration options along with a lot of customization. The platforms for which Plugscan works the best are web-based development desktop devices spotted and the windows in the operating system. Plugscan support 2 languages These are French and Spanish. an interesting thing about flag scan is that it integrates with two of the applications and these are Moodle and canvas.


  • Plagscan helps you to correct and edit similar idioms.
  • Plagscan functions to detect plagiarism.
  • They provide reliable results.


  • It’s not user friendly.
  • Limited database
  • rare to recognize google matches.


Turnitin describes that it’s web-based. No doubt it’s a plagiarism detector. It’s a plagiarism prevention system. Usually, Turnitin is used to facilitate students. It avails them services which teach them how to do proper citation and referencing. These techniques are offered by Turnitin. Turnitin functions to locate the copied content in one’s assignment. It won’t be wrong to say that it’s the top trending system used for plagiarism prevention. Like other systems and checkers, Turnitin is also based on the same algorithm. Its highly appreciated by students as its easy, simple, efficient convenient and cost-effective. Turnitin is affordable. Firstly, the one who wants to use this site has to contact the service. The service will provide them with a customized price. It was almost $2 in 2012 (per student) per year. Now suppose it would have increased by $1 every year. Turnitin is most highly associated with higher education.


The advantages mentioned below are the observed advantages from the viewer’s side.

  • Reduced grading time.
  • Fully helps on how to make use of its software.
  • Increases the feedback quality.
  • Helps locate the copied content.
  • It’s captivating and engaging.
  • Comprise of the ever-growing database.
  • Makes content plagiarism free.
  • Gives confidence to create content on your own.


  • Following disadvantages were observed as Turnitin lacks many logical thing. It has many legal issues.
  • Many of the citation checking formats like (APA, MLA etc )are not checked by turnitin. Usually labels the thoughts in content similar to its database thoughts as plagiarism. Don’t give the right to students to cite something as it labels it as plagiarism.
  • Lengthy contents, articles and essays are recognized to have a high plagiarism rate only due to the citation, references and quotes used in the content. However, it’s obvious to use them as they make content catchy and engaging.

SmallSEO tools

SmallSEO tools are tools that allow the development of a website, Content for web pages etc. It consists of many efficient and useful tools that facilitate the website administrators, operators, Content writers and SEO professionals. These small tools make you alert regarding the condition and growth of your website. Each tool has a specific role that is performed effectively. SmallSEO tools are composed of different types of tools. Each tool focuses on a separate aspect. each tool has its different applications and rules that need to be followed.


  • They provide reliable results.
  • It’s fast and quick and the plagiarism checker at this site works in seconds. The speed is appreciable.
  • Provides multiple tools which are much more supportive and helping.
  • It’s also useful as helps find something matching.
  • keep us Informed regarding our website.
  • Makes web pages competitive, Resulting in a positive response from the audience.
  • It’s free, anyone can have access.


  • Checking capacity is limited and timely.
  • It’s not user friendly.
  • Limited database.
  • rare to recognize google matches.
  • No security for the current status.
  • Plagiarized sources are not offered.
  • Too many advertisements are there.
  • Usually elongates the user’s tasks.
  • Takes time more than required.
  • The words that are interchanged are not labelled.

SearchEngine reports

Search engine report functions to show whosoever has visited your website. It’s a free plagiarism detector tool. Its mostly used by students of higher study level. This tool is built at an ease in order to facilitate everyone for free. This tool comprises of highly standardize features which help in plagiarism detection. This tool also have many alternatives. This tool is all the way safe and is a solution to your plagiarised content. Search engine reports plays a key role providing a content free of plagiarism. The search engine report tool makes sure not to have any uploaded data in its database. All those searches that have been conducted from a host’s computer are recorded and displayed by this tool Search engines examples are

  • etc

The tool reports if any the unsafe or harmful search had been made by any of your user.


  • totally free tool plagiarism checker with high standards.
  • Safe to use, highly compatible
  • Vast database and efficiently scans the copied content.
  • Timely managed.


  • If users kept on asking for a query that’s similar, the answer is same.
  • Each query is answered by a typical search engine.
  • If you are going to make a search for any sort of query than this tool proves to be time taking.
  • Relative content isn’t provided easily.


Here is the last tool to be discussed, Unicheck- well known for its ability to detect plagiarized and contract cheating among others. it functions to process all files even in bulk form. this online tool is best and recommended to all teachers, students and lawyers along with scientists, bloggers and marketers who can also benefit from this confounding tool. this platform let students and teachers make their content free of plagiarism and let them have unique content free of any error. Features of Unicheck to be Known

  • Google Docs Add-On
  • LMS Integration
  • Analytics
  • FERPA and GDPR Compliance
  • Customer Manager


  • it works in a flow without error
  • Unicheck facilitates you with built-in text modification algorithm.
  • Its too easy to use
  • Its all-in-one tool


  • Its Time consuming tool
  • while using for free, you can’t have much access.
  • there is error after 2 to 3 times of its used

So, these were some of the Best Free/Paid Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers, that you must use. these tools are designed for all your convinience, then why to get worried of plagiarism issue. have the use of these online free or paid tools and make your content free of plagiarism.